We are the Mid Suffolk Link of the National Charity

Our work involves bringing children from Belarus to the UK for health respite holidays.

All of the children who come to us from Belarus are still affected by the aftermath of the Chernobyl Disaster.

The children have very low immune systems, and this makes them very susceptible to many illnesses including cancers and other non oncolgical diseases.

One month spent in the UK enjoying our program can rebuild their immune system  during one of the most important growth and development periods of their lives.

This poem was written on behalf of the Children of Chernobyl

I cannot see you but I’m looking at you

I cannot feel you but I am touching you

I cannot smell you but I am breathing you

I know who you are because my Mama told me so

Your name is Radiation and you are everywhere I go

Poem written by Sarah Day

Poem read by Viktoriya Skeet

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